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Older Youth Services

Achieving Successful Adulthood

George Junior Republic's Older Youth Services program provides youth aged 16-21 with opportunities to gain skills required to live healthy, productive, and responsible lives as self-sufficient adults. The Indiana Department of Child Services has contracted with George Junior Republic in Indiana to provide an array of services through the state's Older Youth Initiatives program.  George Junior Republic in Indiana is contracted to provide these services in 21 counties throughout southeastern Indiana. The primary focus of the Older Youth Services program is helping youth who are expected to turn 18 in foster care to develop successful adulthood skills and a plan for education, housing, and employment. Older Youth Services are designed to help youth successfully transition to adulthood regardless of whether they age out of the foster care system, are adopted, enter a guardianship, or are reunified.

George Junior Republic in Indiana uses the Broker of Resources Model focusing on connecting youth with services provided in the youth's community or through a natural, unpaid connection to the youth. This model promotes youth developing into productive individuals within their community by the acquisition and maintenance of gainful employment, the achievement of educational/vocational goals, and the receipt of financial skills training. Youth are given the opportunity to build and strengthen their social capital through interactions with family, peers, caring adults and communities. The building of social capital gives youth the opportunities to achieve relational permanency which results in heightened positive brain development and a chance at a higher level of success after leaving foster care. Youth are encouraged to participate directly in designing their program activities, accept personal responsibility for achieving interdependence and have opportunities to learn from both positive and negative experiences.

Older Youth Services are tailored to the youth's needs and are based on the Casey Life Skills Assessment.  This program provides case management services to assist older youth in achieving the outcome areas listed below.

  • Acquire sufficient education, advocacy skills and training  in order to achieve individualized career and life goals
  • Obtain and retain steady employment and seek career development opportunities in order to develop/maintain financial stability
  • Effectively manage their personal finances
  • Receive physical, dental and mental health services
  • Maintain safe, stable and affordable housing that allows for access to services and transportation
  • Demonstrate daily living skills that include basic living, safety, access of community resources, and family and relationships
  • Have the opportunity to participate in activities that ensure they are meaningfully and actively engaged in decisions that affect them and their community

For more information about the Older Youth Services Program contact the Director of Home Based Services, by calling 812-447-9580.