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Custom Programming Available

Preventative Aftercare programs are specialized to specifically address the needs of individual contracts, such as domestic violence, truancy, independent living, alternatives to detention prior to adjudication, family preservation, supervised visitation, crisis-intervention and family reunification.  These various Preventative Aftercare services/ programs are contracted with states, counties, school districts and managed care organizations and at any time can be tailored to suit the unmet needs of the contracting agency.

The Preventative Aftercare programs are designed to provide structure, supervision, and support systems for youth and their families within their own community and home environment.  This will be accomplished by providing intensive and structured services in the youth's home environment, along with supervision and support services to the families of the youth for a more successful reunification.  This program will focus on the needs of the referring agency and its clientele by remaining flexible and creative. 

The Preventative Aftercare programs employ Counselors/ Social Workers/ Therapists who live in our near the geographical location of the contracted services and have familiarity with community resources.  The Counselor/ Social Worker will network with the community resources to assist the family in identifying the necessary supports and sustain permanency.  Caseload size ranges from seven to twelve youth and families with flexibility to accommodate more children based on program design. The Preventative Aftercare maintains frequent contact with the client, family, schools, employers, and/or other positive resources within a youth's life based upon a schedule defined in the contract.  Counselors are available 24 hours in the event of a crisis. Programs may utilize child and family stipends, along with activity funds, as a tool for positive reinforcements in motivating clients.

For more information about obtaining Preventative Aftercare in your area, please contact the Vice President of Support and Community Based Programs at 724-458-9330, ext. 2101 or via email at [email protected].