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Family-Based Mental Health

The Preventative Aftercare Family Based Mental Health program is a managed care authorized service where an intensive, team delivered approach is offered.  Youth must be recommended by a licensed Psychologist or Psychiatrist for medically necessary in home services.  This program utilizes the EcoSystemic Structural Family Therapy Model through individual and family therapy and focuses on four pillars throughout treatment: Emotional Regulation, Parent- Child Attachment, Executive Parenting Skills, and Supporting the Caregiver. 

Youth will receive weekly individual sessions to assist in the development of necessary coping skills and reinforce life skills and pro-social activities.  Family sessions are provided weekly to promote healthy relationships between all family members in order to decrease the child's symptomatic behavior.  This is accomplished by utilizing Trauma Informed Therapy, role-playing and practicing new skills.  In addition, the Family-Based team meets and acts as a liaison with the school for regular collaboration, meetings and to provide support for a positive educational experience for the youth and family.

In the event of a crisis, 24 hour on-call service is available.  Networking in the community for additional services is provided to allow the family to establish sustainable resources.  The average length of this service is 8 months and is 100% reimbursable through the identified Managed Care Organization.