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Pre and Post Adjudicatory


The Pre-Adjudicatory program was designed to assist the Court in providing supervision and accountability for the youth in the community as they proceed through the Juvenile Court process.  This allows the youth to remain in the community and their current academic setting while ensuring compliance with all court hearings, evaluations and appointments prior to adjudication.

This program provides face-to-face and phone contact with the youth in the home, school and community.  The Preventative Aftercare Counselor/ Social Worker will provide a summary to the referring agency that assesses the youth and family's needs, strengths and progress, which will be submitted prior to court and may be used in determining post dispositional care.  GPS monitoring can be sub-contracted at an additional cost if deemed necessary.  If it is ordered by the Court, further treatment and involvement in the Post-Adjudicatory program through Preventative Aftercare can occur with the same counselor to facilitate continuity of treatment.


The Post-Adjudicatory program utilizes the traditional Preventative Aftercare Intensive Program model aimed at adjudicated, delinquent youth.  Please refer to Intensive program description.  GPS monitoring can be sub-contracted at an additional cost if deemed necessary.