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Truancy Prevention

Truancy Prevention Services are designed to interrupt the truancy behavior by identifying the symptoms or cause of the behavior and improve self-concept, social awareness and peer and adult interactions.  Along with monitoring attendance, the Truancy Counselor will provide individual counseling to the youth to determine barriers to daily attendance, create individual plans for success, and improve academic performance.  Family sessions are utilized to increase family involvement with the school through communication, developing a daily routine within the home, improving parent-child interactions and increasing family awareness of youth's emotional and behavioral reactions to the school environment.  The family will be encouraged to develop internal and community support systems.  Immediate or graduated intervention and sanctions will occur.

During non-school months the service will continue to provide individual and family counseling to ensure youth are prepared and begin the upcoming academic year in a positive manner.  In addition, the Truancy Counselor will also offer opportunities for youth to make better decisions and choices by replacing their anti-social behaviors via pro-social activities and scheduled experiential learning.