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A Celebration of Academic Achievement

Each spring the George Junior Republic School holds a commencement ceremony to celebrate the academic achievement of our graduating students. Family and friends, faculty, staff, placing agencies, and judges are invited to the ceremony, where between 60 and 70 senior students receive their diplomas. The ceremony is one of the final steps as youth prepare to become adults ready to join their communities.

Honoring Graduates

The commencement ceremony is also the occasion when our annual awards and scholarships are presented. These include:

  • Class Speaker Award
  • Principal’s Award
  • Academic Award
  • Campus Director Award
  • Outstanding Vocational Student Award
  • Vocational Personal Achievement Award
  • William H. Gladden Memorial Scholarship
  • Julann Brugger Memorial Scholarship
  • Joseph D. Monteleone Scholarship
  • George Junior Republic Educational Scholarships
  • George Junior Republic Vocational Scholarships
  • Grove City Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Mercer County Hall of Fame Award

Providing Ongoing Support after Graduation

George Junior Republic offers each graduating senior assistance in the path he chooses to pursue, whether through placement in a job, technical school, junior college, or college. For those pursuing academic and vocational endeavors, the George Junior Republic Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to graduates and alumni.