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Building and Enhancing Reading and Research Skills

The staff of the library on the George Junior Republic campus is here to help all students learn to enjoy the experiences of reading and research. Our library professionals are ready to meet the challenges of assisting students who are at many different levels of reading ability, comprehension, and development. By showing students at George Junior Republic that reading can be fun and exciting, we aim to teach youth to become lifelong readers who will support their community libraries.

The Accelerated Reading Program

The library helps instructors in the implementation of the campus wide Accelerated Reading (AR) program. This program sets goals for students who, after practicing reading and studying, are tested to ensure that they comprehend the material. Students see themselves growing and developing as readers through their progress in AR so they become more successful in school and life.

Students have the opportunity to visit the library with their English, language arts, or literature classes, as well as visiting from study halls and after school. All students in the Special Needs program visit the library, are instructed in library skills, and take part in accelerated reading program to promote their reading growth.