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Engaging Students’ Minds Through Music

Music education for students at George Junior Republic is a component of our overall mission to help youth become responsible adults. A specially designed course that teaches the basic concepts of music such as pitch, harmony, melody, rhythm, and tempo builds on that foundation to emphasize original composition and performance. Although music is the means by which students are learning, the structure and discipline required in this course reinforce the skills needed across all academic areas.

Composition Teaches Valuable Lessons

Students at our school are exposed to three forms of music notation used by musicians: staff notation, tablature, and chord charts. Although students use a lesson book to guide their music study, much time is devoted to writing the music notation they will use as they play. This assists students in fostering an appreciation for accuracy, neatness, and legible presentation as well as the appropriate use of the different forms of notation.

State of the Art Technology

Helping to facilitate the students’ interest in learning to compose and perform music, George Junior Republic constructed a state of the art music tech lab within our school. The music lab features 15 student stations monitored by one teacher station. The room also functions as a piano lab where students work independently, in groups, or as a class. The teacher is able to interact with students individually or as a group through head phones. Each tech station is also its own self contained recording studio. The latest software programs are available for every aspect of music education, from theory and testing to composition and notation.

Every lesson that the George Junior Republic students learn in music education helps to reinforce the overall curriculum of our school program. This valuable piece of our treatment also helps them discover their talents and self worth.