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Our School Provides a Strong Foundation in Science Education

The Science Department at the George Junior Republic School gives students a well rounded experience by building a strong foundation in science education. Based upon the Pennsylvania Standard Aligned System, the curriculum teaches many different concepts through instruction of the scientific processes. Every student at George Junior Republic receives a strong science education no matter his learning style or level of comprehension.

Methods of science instruction include:

  • Laboratory experiments
  • Instructional videos
  • Classroom discussions
  • Lectures
  • Student driven discoveries

Real World Application of Science Concepts Helps Youth Learn

A major objective in the Science Department is to increase student science literacy and help youth understand how scientific concepts can be applied to everyday life. Teachers help develop problem solving ability using a scientific approach and investigative inquiry. Based on testing and evaluation, the science instructors strive to give students the background information and basic science knowledge that they may be lacking when they arrive at George Junior Republic.