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Auto Body

Teaching Students a Valuable Vocational Skill

The Auto Body Program is an instructional and training program designed to teach students at George Junior Republic the necessary skills to repair today’s vehicles. The program offers both theory and hands on training. Safety instruction is incorporated into each lesson as students learn to use various tools and machinery. The course reinforces the mission of George Junior Republic, which is to help youth become productive adults.

Collision Repair Welding

Students become knowledgeable in the field of auto body repair and learn to perform related welding, cutting, and repairs according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Basic Refinishing

This level introduces students to the current finishing products, shop safety, and equipment used in the automotive refinishing industry. Emphasis is placed on learning surface preparation, masking techniques, and refinishing of replacement parts.

Basic Metal Repair

Students learning basic metal repair cover introductory metal principles and working techniques including proper tool usage and product application.

Non-Structural Metal Repair

Students are taught sheet metal repair principles using mechanical and hydraulic equipment. Emphasis is placed on teaching youth how to utilize attachment devices to straighten and align exterior body panels.

Intermediate Refinishing

Students begin to expand their training at this level by learning how to mix and spray automotive topcoats. Much emphasis is placed on learning formula ingredients, reducing, and thinning, as well as practicing special spraying techniques. Students also receive an introduction to partial panel refinishing techniques and current industry paint removal techniques.

Major Collision Repair and Panel Replacement

Students who progress to this level of the program learn to prepare vehicles for major repair processes. They learn how to interpret information from damage reports and how to plan repair sequences. In addition, students are taught to organize removed parts for reinstallation and identify and utilize the appropriate tools for the required project.


Youth have the opportunity to become I-CAR certified.  I-CAR's Professional Development Program is the industry standard for collision repair training that contributes to complete, safe and quality repairs.