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Developing Professional Skills

The Masonry Program at George Junior Republic stresses the necessity of having professional skills as well as the underlying importance of a strong work ethic to our students. These lessons reinforce the overall mission of our treatment program, which is to help delinquent youth become responsible adults.

Trade skills pertaining to brick, block, veneer stone, ceramic tile, concrete, and job layout give students the opportunity to become part of a skilled labor force after graduation. In addition, each student will earn OSHA certification and safety training that will give him an edge when competing for employment.

Masonry Shop Upgraded for Learning the Latest Techniques

The masonry shop was recently renovated to include a much larger, more modern space with a separate classroom for theory instruction. The students begin by becoming proficient at layout for walls and progress to building chimneys and decorative brick retaining wall patterns.

We have helped place many students into entry level masonry positions after completion of the program. By providing hands-on experience, unleashing creativity, building knowledge, and developing confidence, George Junior Republic gives students self confidence as well as the necessary skills to do the job.


  • NOCTI (National Occupancy Compentency Training Institute)
  • Sp-2 Construction Certificate