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Art2O: Enhancing Lives Through the Arts

In 2007, George Junior Republic established a fine arts program called Art2O that was designed to further the organization’s mission of creating well adjusted youth. George Junior Republic believes that exposure to and involvement in the arts enhances students’ lives and gives them a greater sense of what it means to be a member of society.

About the program

  • A voluntary, after school program led by professional artists
  • More than 150 students participate
  • Small classes of no more than 10 students meet twice weekly
  • Classes based on subject matter taught.  Examples: painting, drawing, printmaking, etc.
  • Individual and group projects teach responsibility and community involvement

Personal growth opportunities for youth

Art2O offers youth a number of opportunities to grow as individuals and develop life skills. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Showing their works at local, regional, and national exhibitions and competitions
  • Displaying their works at the George Junior Republic annual high school exhibition
  • Retaining the proceeds from the sale of their works

Developing a strong sense of community involvement

Beyond helping students develop a stronger sense of themselves and their individual capabilities, Art2O provides opportunities for students to understand the meaning of community involvement:

  • Involvement with the public art sculpture project “Pointing the Way”
  • Work with civic leaders and more than 20 community and regional partnerships
  • Integrating art into vocational programs
  • Partner with Grove City College to create ceramic bowls for the Empty Bowls dinner.  Proceeds benefit the Grove City Area Food Pantry and bring awareness to those impacted by hunger in our community.

Art2O is just one of the many innovative programs at George Junior Republic that works to involve the whole person and create a structured and compassionate environment for at risk youth.