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Helping Youth Move Forward with Scholarships

George Junior Republic continues to assist youth even after they have completed our program. Established in 1988, the George Junior Republic Scholarship Program was originally designed to support the financial needs of graduates attending two or four year colleges. Scholarship dollars now help students in need with any post secondary education option they choose to pursue after leaving our facility, including vocational and technical school.

Scholarship dollars may be used for the following purposes:  tuition, supplies, computers, equipment (for trade school attendance), college application fees, transportation fees (to and from school), and the cost of books.

College Tuition

Since 1988, George Junior Republic has distributed more than $2.6 million in scholarships to assist youth in meeting their academic goals. The Scholarship Program assists youth in the costs associated with college tuition at vocational, technical, community, or four year colleges.

Through the generous contributions of our donors, George Junior Republic has also developed four additional donor managed scholarship accounts including, the Joseph D. Monteleone Scholarship, the William D. Gladden Academic Scholarship, the William H. Gladden Vocational Scholarship, and the Julann Brugger Memorial Scholarship.  These scholarships were developed by gracious donors across the United States.

Supplies for Post-Secondary Education

Youth attending post-secondary educational programs are also in need of supplies for school. Scholarship dollars will cover the cost of these supplies based on the approval of the scholarship staff coordinators.

Housing and Transportation

The Scholarship Program assists youth in need of housing or transportation to and from school during their college tenure based on assessment and need.

To help George Junior Republic youth accomplish their dreams through scholarship, please donate by clicking on the link below.

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